What you don’t know about Babe Ruth

by stephanie ~ June 6th, 2009.

When the name “Babe Ruth” is uttered, everybody just knows that he is baseball’s one-of-kind legend. He made a mark in MLB history through his impressive strength in batting. He dominated the era he was living in. Now, decades later, his name is still a big hush-hush with the New York Yankee fans.

So I don’t think I need to enumerate every single mark he has to everybody since we know who he is. However, let’s talk about the trivial but interesting parts of his baseball career. Let’s talk about his bat. Do you know that his 1923 bat which he used to hit the first home run at the Yankee stadium in April 23 was said to be the most valuable memorabilia item relating to the baseball star?

His contract as well that sent him from Boston to New York was auctioned for $996,000 at Sotherby’s on June 10, 2005. Wow, that must be some contract to cost that much, don’t you think? Not only that, his heavy Louisville Slugger solid ash wood bat sold for $1.26 million in an auction last December 2004, making it second as the most valuable baseball memorabilia item to date; second to the oh-too-famous 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card.

Ok, one secret only a few people probably know is that he was tested for his motor skills because of his somewhat out-of-the-ordinary ability to bat. His technique? A low ball pitch just above his knee on the outside corner of the plate that makes him hit sooo hard, you’ll be amazed of the magnitude. This is, I guess scientists fail to check on their tests.

However, it wasn’t interesting enough to the scientist. It was inclined more to the players. What they really wanted to know scientifically is not to measure his strength, but actually why he was superior that most of the baseball icons. But guys, I wouldn’t bore you with all the test results that the scientists made, physically and psychologically. One thing is certain; he is above average level compared to most players when it comes to batting with his left hand.

The mere fact that he was being experimented because of his strength proves to be one of the unusual situations that a player encounters in his lifetime. Bottom line is — he was fascinating enough to become a lab rat!

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