Is Yogi Bear Named After the Yankees Manager from 1984-1985 Yogi Berra?

by admin ~ June 20th, 2009


This past New York Yankees manager rings a bell in my ear every single time. He reminds me of the funny cartoon character, “Yogi Bear.” His real name is Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra. He was born on May 12, 1925.

It’s wonderful that he picked his nickname from a friend Bobby Hoffman who said that Berra resembled a hindu holy man “yogi” that they had seen in the movie, just like his gestures when he sat around with arms and legs crossed waiting to bat or while looking melancholy when they lost a game.

Years onward, Hannah Barberra cartoon character was presumed to be named after him, though they denied it, which somewhat annoyed Yogi Berra after being name yogi bear.

The Yankees hired him from 1984-1985. Due to his exceptional professional baseball career, only justifies the fact that he was taken to be the Manager of the New York Yankees then and of course for obvious reasons that he played for the team almost all his entire career.

He was one of the only four baseball players who was named “The Most Valuable Player” of the American League three times and one of the only six managers to bring both American and National League to the World Series.

Even though, we cannot always expect pure luck to save us, or make us the best in what we do, I guess Yogi Berra is just one of the luckiest and great players in baseball history because he was considered as one of the best catchers in history, not by sheer luck, but of talent. Again, what I like most is to look at the number, in statistics developed by Bill James, he is considered the best catcher of all time and at the same time the 52nd greatest non-pitcher in baseball history.

Moreover, another interesting info about this great baseball player (though he lasted only 2 years with the New York Yankees as a manager) is that he quit school in eighth grade. Hence, a tendency headed for “malapropism” wherein a person substitutes some words that sounds similar to the original, although different in meaning.

The reason for his transition from the New York Yankees? He was fired because the team lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 7 times.