Mark Teixeira - New York Yankees # 25

by stephanie ~ June 11th, 2009

To date, Mark Charles Teixeira joined the New York Yankees in January 6 as the first baseman for an 8-year contract.

But, let’s talk about what he was like growing up. It was said that Mark is a perfectionist. While growing up, baseball was already part of their family. The Teixeira’s were baseball fan mainly because her mom’s brothers and his Dad played baseball during their time as well as his brothers. He was born in April 11, 1980 and went to Georgia Tech in his college years.

As an infant and toddler, his parent’s already dress him up in baseball uniforms. In fact, on his fourth birthday, he was already hitting and batting with confidence. So it is not a surprise that Mark himself became a great baseball player.

However, his experience before he became pro was not a smooth one, like most of the successful talents; he also encountered a few baseball career disappointments, especially during his early years especially when Boston Red Sox took interest in him initially, but did not materialize.

His career with the New York Yankees is really an enormous leap, earning $20.6M this 2009. Mark Teixeira is also a switch-hitter, and unlike most switch-hitter he bats majority on the right side of the plate.  He also rank 1st in AL in HR (18).

Aside from his baseball profession, Mark is a comic book artist.  Although, being a comic book artist is just his second nature, he is really good in what he does. The baseball player is commonly known as “TEX” when he signs his work. Titles he has contributed to name a few well-known ones are, Spiderman: Legacy Evil (1996), Cyclops (2001), and Wolverine Vol. 3 (2005).

He is indeed a remarkable individual on the field as well as off-base, boasting his talents as a comic book artist while a brilliant baseball player.