Where did the New York Yankees got their name from?

by admin ~ June 11th, 2009

You could hear the sound of the Yankees song as you sleep. That is what you call the “New York Yankees fever.” I wonder what the titles of the songs they play in the stadium. We will have to find out in the next posts. Meanwhile, the trivial question of the day is “Where did the New York Yankees got their name from”

With so much sports news making headlines, questions like this still matter a little bit, just to know something about Yankees olden times. I am the type of person who just loves history, so probably some of you who read posts are just into what’s happening now, or what’s exciting on the field at present. A million number of people watch the Yankees game every year, but I don’t know if they actually know about this simple trivia.

Their team name was derived from a very simple fact that the tern “Northerners” during the Civil War was nicknamed the “Yankees.”

Also, the media had addressed the team the “Yankees” synonymous to “Americans,” thus the team being an American franchise were then called the New York Yankees in 1913 exclusively.
So whether they were called the Baltimore Orioles in the initial 2 years in the beginning, or the Highlanders, and then finally the New York Yankees in the end, for everybody who dotes over the Yankees, they are simply the “the Yanks,” “the pinstripes,” or the New York Yankees whom fans just seem to love.