Cut Short — but Dedicated Yankees Manager from 1990-1991

by admin ~ June 20th, 2009


Carl “Stump” Merril, the New York Yankees manager from 1990 to 1991 was a catcher in his professional baseball career. Born on February 15, 1944, Merril spent 30 years in the Yankees organization and it’s minor league partner as a manager (talk about being so loyal with the team).

Going back to his playing career, he also played football aside from playing baseball, but it stopped when he got a leg injury; one of the reasons why you won’t see a lot of write-ups about his professional baseball career and his track record.

Still, one thing is very apparent; Stump Merril is a New York Yankees loyalist. I can understand why he is also a Yankee adviser, despite the fact that he is retiring after a 30-year career with the Yankees.

He got himself connected with the Yankees way back 1985 as a first-base coach manager for Yogi Berra. Eventually, he got recalled to Columbus as a team manager. He returned to the Yankees in 2005 as the Special Assistant to the Manager and continues to extend his support to the team until now.

Even if Stumps baseball playing career record is not that lengthy, his managerial side of the coin is great despite small.