New York Yankee owner - George Steinbrenner

by stephanie ~ June 6th, 2009

Curious about the man behind the New York Yankees and responsible for it’s success? I do! It was the first question that entered my mind.

I asked myself this in total awe, “who is this man behind this major league baseball team?” Ok, let me start by telling you guys his real name. It’s George Michael Steinbrenner, born in Ohio State. He was born in July 4, 1930. That makes him, what? 70 something? Wow!

Anyway, who is he and how do people see him when he is on the go? Actually his workers call him “The Boss” because of his trademark of meddling with on-field decisions, as well as firing and hiring people. Not to mention re-hiring. Hey really?! He is the owner for goodness sake!

So now that you at least know a little about the business tycoon, all I can say that a brilliant team always comes with a bright owner.

Looking back at history, I bet Steinbrenner was grinning himself out and said “I’m lucky; I bought this team from CBS in 1973!” Imagine how much money he is getting now. I wouldn’t consider it lucky though. He is no-doubt a very cunning and bright business to get the baseball team venture as successful as it is now.

The New York Yankee’s not only play, make fans happy and shout their hearts out, bu, at the same time; it is a profitable business benefiting a lot of people around it.

Through the purchase of YES cable network, a related business, not just made them a huge success; profits are soaring for sure. They are indeed a model franchise that every MLB team should look at.