Second-Longest Managerial Term with the New York Yankees

by admin ~ June 19th, 2009


Joe Torre who was with the Yankees for 12 years is indeed one the many outstanding managers of the New York Yankees garnering a win-loss record of 1173-767 in a regular season games of 1,942. He has the longest managerial career with the Yankees knowing that the owner George Steinbrenner is very well-known for firing his team managers.

If you pay attention to the number of years each manager lasted with the team. I think you will find it amazing that Joseph Paul Torre (this is his full name), after having a rough start with the Yankees, will really make him a very popular manager at his 60’s. He was making headlines like being called “Clueless Joe” when he first managed the team, and to break the expectation of many, he lead the Yankees to the playoffs for 12 seasons.

He also led the New York Yankees to the World Series since 1981. It is very hard to remember a person’s shortcomings when you already have established yourself. The bad start didn’t bother Torre at all. To mention his most successful year, it was 1998.

Torre returned with a simple smile on his face for sure intended to those who did not give him the chance to prove himself. The nickname clueless Joe is very inappropriate. He might have told the opposing fans, “so who is clueless now?”

All through his last year with the New York Yankees, Joe Torre got his 2000th win and he was the first MLB manager to win 2000 games and have 2000 hits to boot.

He also directed the Yankees  to its 13th consecutive post season appearance in his 2006-2007 accomplishment with the team.

So why is Joe Torre only called the second-longest manager under the business tycoon Steinbrenner? That is because the Manager who holds the record for the longest managerial term is Joe McCarthy.