How many World Series Champtionships have the Yankees won?

by admin ~ June 10th, 2009

This question is usually the most frequently asked questions by fans that do not keep track of the Yankees record throughout its entire history since it started in 1901. Well, who would? Unless you are really a history buff.  It is indeed stressful to memorize all the numbers in details; because as soon as you talk about baseball and its history, or sports in general for that matter, it usually means “numbers.”

Nonetheless, we are not talking about millions or gazillions of numbers. We are only talking about a two-digit figure.

Anyway, how many World Series Championships have they won? The Yankees won 26 World Series.

Going back to basics (you may call it Lesson 101), the New York Yankees is a professional baseball team which is based in Bronx, New York and is a member of the AL East of MLB. It is owned by the business tycoon, George Steinbrenner, who purchased it in the 70’s. Just in case, there’s still a novice out there who is wanting to be a Yankee fan who is not from New York! I know, it sounds stupid, but hey! You never know.

I see questions on the net that may seem unimportant to some personalities, but actually abit significant to others. So let us talk a little trivia about the New York Yankees.  

How are they referred to by fans when they talk about the team? The Yankees are directly associated with the common name “the Yanks,”  “The Bronx Bombers,” or simply “the bombers,” and the less used nickname which is  “pinstripes” in reference to the Yankees home uniform.

They are indeed a marvel to everyone because of their Grande performances since they started playing baseball. There may be slow seasons, but the Yankees have an all-time season winning percentage of .567, the best statistics attained in any baseball team.