Highest Number of Errors the Yankees committed in a Regular Season Game

by admin ~ June 19th, 2009

I stumbled into a trivial question of one of the New York Yankees fan. He got curious as to how many number of errors the team committed in a regular season; also the Yankees opponent and the date it occurred.

I want to share this information to everyone who is a Yankee fan and those who hate them altogether. Some anti-Yankees are always outraged with the fact that they are just impossibly good and of course, the Yanks are not the first one in line when it comes to the highest number of blunders.

The highest number of errors the New York Yankees committed in a regular season is actually less than 12.

Luckily for the Yankees (or maybe they are just utterly awesome that they are not the one who holds the record of most errors in a game), they do not hold the title.

The record for most errors in a game is 12, held jointly by the Detroit (AL)  and Chicago (AL). The Detroit team made a mess with handling the ball 12 times in a game versus Chicago in May 1901. Chicago also tied the game against Detroit in May, 1903.

There a lot of big Yankee fans everywhere who just wants to know anything under the sun, which is why I love sharing petty stuff like this. Other than the wins and the losses and the best players they have at the moment.

So stay tuned!