Who’s the next New York Yankees Manager?

by stephanie ~ June 6th, 2009

There has been some initial news that the next Yankee manager should be Don Mattingly. Agree or disagree?

Well, if you talk about Don Mattingly’s historical record, he is considered to be the most popular Yankee player comparable to Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra. He has also received the loudest ovations since he got back from the Old-Timers Game.

Although, Mattingly has not won any World Series or appeared in any Fall Classic, he has proved to be very popular.

What about his capability? Do you think he can do even better than Joe Torre? He did finish his carreer with 2, 153 hits, 222 home runs, 1,099 RBI, and 0307 lifetime average. Compared to the iconic baseball players like Derek Jeter who has 2,600 hits. A little far off, I know. Babe Ruth has 2, 873 hits. Ouch!

But hey! I’ve learned from someone that playing and managing are a totally different spectrum. If you play so well, doesn’t mean you’ll manage perfectly too. Don Mattingly, seems to have the perfect set-up to be the next New York Yankee manager because he was a superstar player, he is known to know how to handle his ego as a coach when he worked with Joe Torre. It is also apparent that as a hitting coach, he seems to profess a really really great enthusiasm in teaching the team and invested so much when it comes to working with them.

He is loved by the Yankee fans. Look at his popularity on the field. So why not Mattingly, right? He was the number 23 and I quote the plaque that he received in August 31, 1997, “A humble man of grace and dignity, a captain who led by example, proud of the pinstripe tradition and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, a Yankee forever.”