Who’s the New York Yankees Mascot?

by stephanie ~ June 6th, 2009

So why does a sports team need a mascot? Mascots are believed to bring good luck, so most sports team have them. As you can see, they can either be a person, an animal or a thing that would represent the team and give them luck.

But, why does New York Yankees do not have a mascot? My question exactly. I’m sure there’s a lot of wondering why that’s the case.

Actually, they do have one long time ago. This was between 1980 and 1985. Yankees mascot was a bird called “Dandy” who sported a Yankees hat. He also bore a mustache that resembles Yankee pitcher Sparky Lyle. And his name was taken from that American folk song “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Mmm, sounds familiar? There’s a cartoon character whose name is Yankee Doodle Doo or something.

Anyway, a really unfortunate incident put cutie little Dandy out of work. He was beaten up by upset fans during of their games. Although, the owner, George Steinbrenner, when asked about Dandy as the mascot, he said that he never remembered him being one. Ouch!

The New York Yankees did have some experiments, during mid 1990’s, the team had a mascot resembling a ball-park food with a Yankee hat on top. They also had for some instance a squirrel mascot who was called by Terry Kidder of New York Times “Right Field Ratatos, “ but was called Scooter by fans.

Other than this situations, the Yankees never had a mascot or a cheerleading squad prancing around in the ball field.

In recent incidents, there was this poor guy Freddy “Sez” Schuman. He is a crazy New York Yankees super fan who cannot stop himself (even if it puts him in trouble) from wanting to become a mascot for the team. He was the unofficial mascot for 22 seasons. However, forced to beg for tickets the past weekend. Poor old guy, he is actually 84. Oh goodness! Give him a break guys! The fans actually did, they offered him a $40 and a $100 ticket because he was not allowed to get in.

Yankee officials told the press that it was just a miscommunication, and they would love to accommodate the deprived fan.