Buck is for Money - Bucky Dent is for Baseball

by stephanie ~ June 20th, 2009


What’s with the word “buck” and New York Yankees? I have actually encountered two managers from this team who had similar nickname. I can only think of one reason why. Buck, which means money is what the team is hoping for, so a manager’s symbolized nickname is probably helpful? Maybe not.

Seriously, I am talking about Bucky Dent who was a Yankees manager from 1989 to 1990, another short-lived manager, though he partnered with his managerial position with Stump Merill in 1990.

As a professional baseball player, his notable accomplishment as a player was with the New York Yankees, against the Boston Red Sox in a playoff game that lead the Yankees 3-2 for hitting a three-run homer. It was quite popular because he was not that much admired as a power hitter. Imagine just hitting 40 home runs in 12 years.

He was born as Russel Earl O’Dey on November 25, 1951. He was a shortstop acquired by the Yanks in a “chilly afternoon” (well according to a daily a New York news article because he appeared in a dark trench coat) on April 7, 1977.

I know, this is suppose to be a post for his managerial track, but I find it difficult find resources regarding his major managerial accomplishments with the New Yokr Yankees. Except that, he managed it for 2 years, accumulating a record of 18-22 in 1989 and 18-31 in 1990.

Significantly, he was hailed by the Yankees owner George Steinbrenner to train the now famous Derek Jetter.  That alone is a huge plus on his managerial skill.