The Greatest Yankees of All Time

by admin ~ May 18th, 2009


Biased as it may seem, when it comes to sports, the team as a whole are not usually the first things people remember. People may be familiar with a team mainly because their favorite player is in it, or if they do know the whole team, the first name they’d call out would be of their favorite player’s.

Here are three of the Greatest Yankee players of all time who still hold much fame today. These players have also won a spot in the Hall of Fame due to their wonderful performance in baseball. Baseball definitely has a lot of talents to offer, but these three were the pioneers of their time and still hold an undying torch in Baseball history.

The most famous player would most probably be Babe Ruth who not only became a Hall of Famer, he also built Yankee history by being a major part of their success in the 1930’s as they won around seven World Series titles. He is usually considered as the best Baseball player of all time, with Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio sharing the same honor.

While Babe Ruth only played for 14 years with the New York Yankees, Lou Gehrig had been in the team for about 16 years. He played alongside Ruth, also contributing to the success of the Yankees. He was also the youngest baseball player to join the Hall of Fame in 1939.

Lou Gehrig died soon after on 1941 due to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a brain-related sickness wherein the cells of his central nervous system would collapse and degenerate. Symptoms included being unable to control his very own movements. His illness took his life at the tender age of 37.

When Ruth and Gehrig left the Yankees, Joe DiMaggio became the next “hot” thing in baseball. He had played with the Yankees for 11 years, was voted as MVP thrice, and helped the team win another 9 World Series Titles. He was also inducted into the All Star list 13 times.

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio serve as the best role models for kids and adults alike. As long as you do your best in your craft, you will surely succeed, the same way they have.


by admin ~ April 28th, 2009

Called “the most loyal fans any baseball team could ever ask for”, the Bleacher Creatures is a group of die-hard New York Yankees fans who will stop at no one and at nothing to cheer for their favorite baseball team of all time. They used to be found in section 39 and sometimes, 37 of the old Yankee Stadium, but just recently, they moved to Section 203 of the new Yankee Stadium.

Their loyalty and firm allegiance to the New York Yankees and their harshness towards opposing fans have made them a feared and respected group in the stadium by other baseball fans and the opposing team’s supporters but at times, acclaimed for being a Yankee player’s most favorite group of people.

Bleacher Creature tradition started sometime in the 1980’s and 1990’s when the tides were turning against the Yankees. The only two things that remained loud and grew louder and stronger were the Bleacher Creatures’ roll calls and cheers that provided the Yankees with moral support. Ali Ramirez, the forefather of the Creatures’ tradition would ring a cowbell to catch the attention of the other supporters and would lead them into cheering. When he died on the 9th of May in 1996, little did he know that his legacy would enforce the most loyal group of fans of all time.

Today, the Bleacher Creatures are getting ready for their move to Section 203 in the New Yankee Stadium and once they are there, get ready for more roll calls and more cheering. Opposing teams beware, the Bleacher Creatures won’t stop cheering on for their favorite baseball team and if you find yourself near them, get ready for some heavy jeering—they won’t stop till you get their message.

Photo credits: skyliner72, jim_who, and TimmyGUNZ