New York Yankees Mariano “Mo” Rivera - Number 42

by admin ~ June 15th, 2009


Rivera is from Panama, selected 9 times as an All-Star baseball in MLB. A relief pitcher of the New York Yankees and has a professional experience of 14 years. His 14-year tenure with the Yankees is the longest of any active pitcher. As of 2009, his salary is $15M, in line with highest paid players of the Yankees.

Like any baseball player, his accomplishment exceeds the expectations of many because he ranks as the best among all relievers in MLB, finishing the regular season with 20 saves, a sub-2.00 ERA, and a sub-1.00 WHIP on four occasions.

 He converted 88.9% of his save opportunities, the fourth-best percentage among relievers with at least 200 save chances. These are to mention a few of his accomplishments, and even more if I will spell out all into in details. In fact, I have never read so much accomplishments, awards and records of a Yankee player.

On the other hand, a player’s number is usually their lucky charm. Mariano Rivera is number 42. What happens frequently is when a legend retires, so does the number that is associated with them.  However, Mariano Rivera is the last active player to wear the uniform Number 42 which was retired since 1997 in honor of Jackie Robinson.

He has a signature pitch called the “cutter” in his cut fastball. Rivera bats and throws with his right. Considered by most baseball experts to be the greatest closer in MLB, it is also astonishing that he centers his life on God. He is a devoted Christian. I find this very special because not so many players are this religious. I guess, you would agree with me when I make this presumption. It is very uncommon, but not unusual to Rivera because of his origin.