Buck is for Money - Bucky Dent is for Baseball

by stephanie ~ June 20th, 2009


What’s with the word “buck” and New York Yankees? I have actually encountered two managers from this team who had similar nickname. I can only think of one reason why. Buck, which means money is what the team is hoping for, so a manager’s symbolized nickname is probably helpful? Maybe not.

Seriously, I am talking about Bucky Dent who was a Yankees manager from 1989 to 1990, another short-lived manager, though he partnered with his managerial position with Stump Merill in 1990.

As a professional baseball player, his notable accomplishment as a player was with the New York Yankees, against the Boston Red Sox in a playoff game that lead the Yankees 3-2 for hitting a three-run homer. It was quite popular because he was not that much admired as a power hitter. Imagine just hitting 40 home runs in 12 years.

He was born as Russel Earl O’Dey on November 25, 1951. He was a shortstop acquired by the Yanks in a “chilly afternoon” (well according to a daily a New York news article because he appeared in a dark trench coat) on April 7, 1977.

I know, this is suppose to be a post for his managerial track, but I find it difficult find resources regarding his major managerial accomplishments with the New Yokr Yankees. Except that, he managed it for 2 years, accumulating a record of 18-22 in 1989 and 18-31 in 1990.

Significantly, he was hailed by the Yankees owner George Steinbrenner to train the now famous Derek Jetter.  That alone is a huge plus on his managerial skill.

Robinson Cano - named after the legendary Jackie Robinson

by admin ~ June 17th, 2009


The number 24 second baseman Robinson Cano made his debut with the New York Yankees on May 3, 2005. One of his career highlights was his All-Star selection and Silver Slugger Award in 2006.

Although his career with the Yankees is still short, Cano already has a batting average of .304, some players are only between .2 and .3 range. It is also not a surprise that Robinson Cano became a great baseball player himself. He was named after the legendary Jackie Robinson.

Today Cano, his accomplishment includes hitting the first home run in the new Stadium. As a matter of fact, he started off really good with a batting average of .300, 70 hits, 9 home runs and 34 RBI’s through June 8th.

Cano’s personal life, like most players was based on the footsteps of his father who was signed by the New York Yankees in 1980 and a pitching in 1989 for 6 games.

Even then, Cano was already the Yankees favorite because right after graduation, he was signed by the Yankees in their minor league system.

Robinson Cano is from Dominican Republic. He bats with his left and throws with his right. I find him young playing for the Yankees and I admire him a lot. He is already earning a salary of $6M, compared to some players with the team who earns a little bit lower than his, considering his age and his baseball experience of only 4 years. After all, who could say that Robinson Cano is already successful with the Yankees at age 26?

His Yankee life may not be as interesting as the others, but all I can say is that, if a person is 26 and is already earning a lot, believe or not, there is too much in store for the baseball player in the future!

The Infamous Johnny Damon

by admin ~ June 15th, 2009


It is only natural for people to change preference. Sometimes our choices differ and we tend to incline ourselves to choose a different path, or better yet, some just want change. It also rings true with player Johnny Damon who signed a 4 year contract with the New York Yankees for $52M on December 20, 2005.

He is New York Yankees number 18 and earned $13M as 2009. One of the highest paid Yankee players as well. Damon bats and throws with his left.

Nothing is even more interesting to Johnny Damon’s change of career team. He is a total fiend according to Red Sox fans because of his pick to switch teams and definitely something a fan does not want when their mind is set out that a player should be loyal. As a matter of fact, a t-shirt print was seen in an opponent’s shirt (Bostons) that read “Looks like Jesus; acts like Judas; throws like Mary,” Maybe Jesus characterized by his long hair, and Juda’s betrayal. It made me grin when I read this phrase. Fans can be very mean when you do somewhat out of ordinary.

 When he joined the team, because of the Yankees standards he was forced to clean himself up a bit with regards to grooming himself.

Since his indiscretion, his popularity even grew. But, Damon ignores his fans distaste over his imprudence, and sees it in a positive way because of the fact that he is simply a great player and is only experiencing transition in his career. Thus, he told the media that those people who booed him were just envious of his talent.

On top of his infamous behavior, he was wrongly accused by ESPN of being in the Mitchell Report and that his name was in the document, but when the report came out his name was nowhere to be found.

Johnny Damon received quite a handful of awards too. Including, being selected twice as All-Star in 2002 and 2005 and being in the 2004 World Series Championship.

It’s a good thing for Damon to be part of the New York Yankees for his career was spiced up.

Damon also has an unusual exercise routine that would make everybody laugh (well it made me!). He does naked push-ups in the locker room before a game. What’s more, he admits to pursuing cars in his block at night when speed limit is 25mph and he can truly match this on foot.

He is beyond doubt a great player that does not care what anybody thinks as long as he is doing his thing.

New York Yankees Number 20 - Jorge Posada

by admin ~ June 13th, 2009

When I read this guy’s profile and see what his life is all about, I find New York Yankees Jorge Posada’s life entertaining than most majority players. He was a Yankee through and through.

Posada started his career with the Yankees from 1995 until present, so he has never been with another team in his baseball career compared to most players that’s somewhat rickety in terms of becoming part of a team. Probably one of the reasons why he is also earns a large sum of cash. His salary with the Yankees is $13.1M as of 2009.

Over the past years of his professional baseball life, he has not failed to show his fans and the team that he has got what it takes to be a catcher. Joe Posada is the only MLB catcher to ever hit .330 or better with 40 doubles, 20 HR and 90 RBI’s in a single season. Well, he and Yogi Berra that is, are the only ones who hit 30 HR’s in one season. And since 2000, Posada had more runs batted in and home runs than any other catcher in baseball.

He was also selected to catch the ceremonial first pitch in September 2008, the last game at the original Yankee stadium. Guess who threw the pitch? It was Babe Ruth’s only surviving daughter Julia Ruth Stephens.

Amazing player, Posada, indeed has talent. He has been on 5 All-Star teams as a switch hitter.

Aside from his baseball career, what really struck me really great is that, other players just goes to school and become a sports star, but Posada graduated valedictorian of his class in Decatur Alabama at the Calhoun Community College. So he is not just a great baseball player, but an intellectual one at that!

New York Yankees Godzilla - Hideki Matsui

by stephanie ~ June 12th, 2009


My parents were always annoyed when I go into details about certain things. When I say I go into details, I love asking questions about history of objects, people, places, how it came to be and it’s background; just about anything in the sun. It could be a disorder or something that I don’t know! But it keeps me informed.

Anyhow, so when I heard about Hideki Matsui (the mere mention of the name made me grin because of his Godzilla nickname in reference to his pockmarked facial expression as he bats; no offence Matsui you are such a great player and you’re one of my favorites!), I had to find out everything about this guy. He is a goodhearted person, I should say. Matsui donated $500,000 in 2004 to Indian Ocean’s quake victim. There is not much printed about his recent personal life, only that he got married privately and brides name was not disclosed. I guess some people just want their private life “private.”

His baseball career in Japan became well-known and branched to the American media during one of the Japan Series when MLBPA Strikes in 1994 was covered by media outlets. It was referred by the Sports Illustrated mag as “THE” fall classic.

Matsui was born on June 12, 1974 in Kanazaka, Japan. He has 6 years professional experience in baseball, with a salary of $13M this 2009. Not a bad price at all for Matsui. He is the number 55 of the Yankee players. His contract with the Yankees however is open, waiving his no-trade clause, which simply means people (technicalities is not one of my best assets, but it pays to get informed, believe me!) that you get more money in case of a trade. Something to do with negotiation rights. Say, if you had a no trade clause and your current contract was to pay you $8M/yr for the next 2 years, you could say that you would wave your right on the condition that your new team would renegotiate this contract and you could try to go for something at more money, a longer term or both. Ok, enough already!

Going back, Hideki Matsui has not missed any games in his first three seasons with the Yankees, bring together a game total of 518 games played. His playing streak is really superior. Before he played with the New York Yankees, he played 1, 250 consecutive games with Yomiuri for a total of 1, 678 professional baseball streak. He holds the record for consecutive games played to start a Major League Baseball career.

I learned that for many people, though fame is very important, some made out of notoriety, other’s through great achievement, according to most fans, Matsui really excelled because of his great work ethics.

Mark Teixeira - New York Yankees # 25

by stephanie ~ June 11th, 2009

To date, Mark Charles Teixeira joined the New York Yankees in January 6 as the first baseman for an 8-year contract.

But, let’s talk about what he was like growing up. It was said that Mark is a perfectionist. While growing up, baseball was already part of their family. The Teixeira’s were baseball fan mainly because her mom’s brothers and his Dad played baseball during their time as well as his brothers. He was born in April 11, 1980 and went to Georgia Tech in his college years.

As an infant and toddler, his parent’s already dress him up in baseball uniforms. In fact, on his fourth birthday, he was already hitting and batting with confidence. So it is not a surprise that Mark himself became a great baseball player.

However, his experience before he became pro was not a smooth one, like most of the successful talents; he also encountered a few baseball career disappointments, especially during his early years especially when Boston Red Sox took interest in him initially, but did not materialize.

His career with the New York Yankees is really an enormous leap, earning $20.6M this 2009. Mark Teixeira is also a switch-hitter, and unlike most switch-hitter he bats majority on the right side of the plate.  He also rank 1st in AL in HR (18).

Aside from his baseball profession, Mark is a comic book artist.  Although, being a comic book artist is just his second nature, he is really good in what he does. The baseball player is commonly known as “TEX” when he signs his work. Titles he has contributed to name a few well-known ones are, Spiderman: Legacy Evil (1996), Cyclops (2001), and Wolverine Vol. 3 (2005).

He is indeed a remarkable individual on the field as well as off-base, boasting his talents as a comic book artist while a brilliant baseball player.

New York Yankees Nick Swisher

by stephanie ~ June 8th, 2009

Mr. Number 33, known for touching his lips and pointing to the sky after he gets a hit (a gesture he does in honor for his grandma) was traded with the Yankees in November 13, 2008. His half Italian on her mother’s side, I assume one of the reasons why he does this pointing to the sky thing on behalf of his grandmother.

He is the team’s first baseman and outfielder who throws left handed.  I guess, he followed his dad’s tracks and became an MLB player himself. He is the son of the former major league catcher Steve Swisher of the Chicago Cubs (1974-1977), St. Louis Cardinals (1978-1980), and San Diego Padres (1981-1982).

Swisher finished 6th in the American League Rookie of the Year, though his team mates Huston Street and Joe Blanton finished first and 7th. He started as a right fielder replacing Xavier Nady for the New York Yankees. Captivatingly,  he started well with the team as a great opportunity for the progress of his baseball career that he finished off with 3 for 5 with a home run and tying his career high of 5 RBI’s.

Recently, in April 13, 2009, he earned the nickname “Subway strangler” for pitching one inning, allowing one hit and one walk before retiring the next three batters in a 15-5 losing game. Consequently, he recorded a strikeout against Gabe Kapler during his first appearance in MLB. Also, he is the Yankee position player to pitch since Wade Boggs in 1997, as well as the first Yankee to home and pitch in the same game since Lindy McDaniel did it in Detroit on September 28, 1972.

The baseball player was not selected in the MLB draft out of high school so he went straight to Ohio State because they were the only one’s during that time who recruited him. He earned “All-Big 10” honors in 2002 after batting .348 with 10 homeruns and 52 RBI’s . He was feature on Michael Lewis’s  2003 book “Moneyball” about orthodox baseball thinking and the new sabermetric  influenced system put into practiced by Billy Beane.

So that’s it about Nick Fisher’s highlights in his baseball career. I hope you learned a little something to add in your New York Yankees players in your vocabulary.