Thrilled of the Yanks signing AJ Burnett?

by stephanie ~ June 12th, 2009

Like CC Sabathia and Derek Jeter, AJ Burnett is also one heck of a player. He is one of the highest paid players by the New York Yankees.

Previously he played with the Florida Marlins from 1999-2005, been with Toronto Blue Jays from 2006-2008 and then recently, he signed as a pitcher on December 18, 2008 with and 82.5M 5-year contract together with CC Sabathia.

There are those in the MLB who wants to sway themselves to success by being a good player with a no-nonsense standing and then there’s some who puts up their reputation of being notorious.  Well AJ Burnet became known for being one in his 2009 season. I wouldn’t call it a severe case of notoriety, but still he can raise a few eyebrows. He surprises whomever hit or scored the winning runs with pie or shaving cream in the face and during the 2009 season, Robinson Cano, Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera, and Alex Rodriguez have had their share.

If we talk about his style in pitching, he is a two-pitch pitcher relying on his fastball and curveball. His fastball runs at around 100 mph and his curveball in the low 80s.

AJ Burnett is also known for having so many tattoos, including an Aztec symbol on his right leg and an image of Bruce Lee on his triceps. He also use to wear nipple rings.

He had excellent accomplishments when he started with the New York Yankees having pushed the Yankees record in the season to 1-2. In his second start Burnett went 6 innings of no-hit baseball by doing 3 straight hits to tie the game. He ended up going 8 innings and getting the win to go 2-0 on the year and just last month May 12, AJ Burnett made his comeback with the Toronto Blue Jays. It was such an awful experience for him because he was loudly booed throughout the game.

Some Yankee fans are not really that thrilled of him playing for the Yankees, so he has a lot to prove. But that’s the same sentiments New York Yankee fans feel when they had Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, Mike Mussina and the other players who were signed.  

New York Yankees this 2009 Season

by stephanie ~ June 11th, 2009

I never really understood how a person loves to know about what happens in the future. I mean, why not seize the moment and then go from there? I educated myself by asking individuals opinion regarding this thing.  I always love to haul myself up with silly mundane situations like this, about people wanting to know what tomorrow brings.

Anyway, one of my friends had asked me how the New York Yankees will do this season, and I was like, who cares? I just want to see them play and do the action on the field and see them win! But, since that question was ask, I guess that is truly important in some ways. People just love to discuss and compare teams.

For the time being, I did ask around. Your opinion might be as good as theirs. My friend just told me, to answer this question, “I think you just need to look at the line-up of the Yankees.” Ok, so there’s Jeter, Nady, Matsui, Cano, Damon, and the great Rodriguez. (double Wow!).

Now, with CC Sabathia and Burnett along with the veteran Pettitti, what could possibly go wrong? And then my friend told me, all they gotta do is go deep and do a powerful offense to do the job (So I was like, of course they will!)

But then again, anything can happen, right? I guess what he was trying to tell me was, the Yankees this 2009 have such great players in store. So he is betting it’s going to be the Yankees, then Baltimore, Boston, Tampa then Toronto. Let’s watch and see!