Robinson Cano - named after the legendary Jackie Robinson

by admin ~ June 17th, 2009.


The number 24 second baseman Robinson Cano made his debut with the New York Yankees on May 3, 2005. One of his career highlights was his All-Star selection and Silver Slugger Award in 2006.

Although his career with the Yankees is still short, Cano already has a batting average of .304, some players are only between .2 and .3 range. It is also not a surprise that Robinson Cano became a great baseball player himself. He was named after the legendary Jackie Robinson.

Today Cano, his accomplishment includes hitting the first home run in the new Stadium. As a matter of fact, he started off really good with a batting average of .300, 70 hits, 9 home runs and 34 RBI’s through June 8th.

Cano’s personal life, like most players was based on the footsteps of his father who was signed by the New York Yankees in 1980 and a pitching in 1989 for 6 games.

Even then, Cano was already the Yankees favorite because right after graduation, he was signed by the Yankees in their minor league system.

Robinson Cano is from Dominican Republic. He bats with his left and throws with his right. I find him young playing for the Yankees and I admire him a lot. He is already earning a salary of $6M, compared to some players with the team who earns a little bit lower than his, considering his age and his baseball experience of only 4 years. After all, who could say that Robinson Cano is already successful with the Yankees at age 26?

His Yankee life may not be as interesting as the others, but all I can say is that, if a person is 26 and is already earning a lot, believe or not, there is too much in store for the baseball player in the future!

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