New York Yankees Godzilla - Hideki Matsui

by stephanie ~ June 12th, 2009


My parents were always annoyed when I go into details about certain things. When I say I go into details, I love asking questions about history of objects, people, places, how it came to be and it’s background; just about anything in the sun. It could be a disorder or something that I don’t know! But it keeps me informed.

Anyhow, so when I heard about Hideki Matsui (the mere mention of the name made me grin because of his Godzilla nickname in reference to his pockmarked facial expression as he bats; no offence Matsui you are such a great player and you’re one of my favorites!), I had to find out everything about this guy. He is a goodhearted person, I should say. Matsui donated $500,000 in 2004 to Indian Ocean’s quake victim. There is not much printed about his recent personal life, only that he got married privately and brides name was not disclosed. I guess some people just want their private life “private.”

His baseball career in Japan became well-known and branched to the American media during one of the Japan Series when MLBPA Strikes in 1994 was covered by media outlets. It was referred by the Sports Illustrated mag as “THE” fall classic.

Matsui was born on June 12, 1974 in Kanazaka, Japan. He has 6 years professional experience in baseball, with a salary of $13M this 2009. Not a bad price at all for Matsui. He is the number 55 of the Yankee players. His contract with the Yankees however is open, waiving his no-trade clause, which simply means people (technicalities is not one of my best assets, but it pays to get informed, believe me!) that you get more money in case of a trade. Something to do with negotiation rights. Say, if you had a no trade clause and your current contract was to pay you $8M/yr for the next 2 years, you could say that you would wave your right on the condition that your new team would renegotiate this contract and you could try to go for something at more money, a longer term or both. Ok, enough already!

Going back, Hideki Matsui has not missed any games in his first three seasons with the Yankees, bring together a game total of 518 games played. His playing streak is really superior. Before he played with the New York Yankees, he played 1, 250 consecutive games with Yomiuri for a total of 1, 678 professional baseball streak. He holds the record for consecutive games played to start a Major League Baseball career.

I learned that for many people, though fame is very important, some made out of notoriety, other’s through great achievement, according to most fans, Matsui really excelled because of his great work ethics.

Mark Teixeira - New York Yankees # 25

by stephanie ~ June 11th, 2009

To date, Mark Charles Teixeira joined the New York Yankees in January 6 as the first baseman for an 8-year contract.

But, let’s talk about what he was like growing up. It was said that Mark is a perfectionist. While growing up, baseball was already part of their family. The Teixeira’s were baseball fan mainly because her mom’s brothers and his Dad played baseball during their time as well as his brothers. He was born in April 11, 1980 and went to Georgia Tech in his college years.

As an infant and toddler, his parent’s already dress him up in baseball uniforms. In fact, on his fourth birthday, he was already hitting and batting with confidence. So it is not a surprise that Mark himself became a great baseball player.

However, his experience before he became pro was not a smooth one, like most of the successful talents; he also encountered a few baseball career disappointments, especially during his early years especially when Boston Red Sox took interest in him initially, but did not materialize.

His career with the New York Yankees is really an enormous leap, earning $20.6M this 2009. Mark Teixeira is also a switch-hitter, and unlike most switch-hitter he bats majority on the right side of the plate.  He also rank 1st in AL in HR (18).

Aside from his baseball profession, Mark is a comic book artist.  Although, being a comic book artist is just his second nature, he is really good in what he does. The baseball player is commonly known as “TEX” when he signs his work. Titles he has contributed to name a few well-known ones are, Spiderman: Legacy Evil (1996), Cyclops (2001), and Wolverine Vol. 3 (2005).

He is indeed a remarkable individual on the field as well as off-base, boasting his talents as a comic book artist while a brilliant baseball player.

New York Yankees this 2009 Season

by stephanie ~ June 11th, 2009

I never really understood how a person loves to know about what happens in the future. I mean, why not seize the moment and then go from there? I educated myself by asking individuals opinion regarding this thing.  I always love to haul myself up with silly mundane situations like this, about people wanting to know what tomorrow brings.

Anyway, one of my friends had asked me how the New York Yankees will do this season, and I was like, who cares? I just want to see them play and do the action on the field and see them win! But, since that question was ask, I guess that is truly important in some ways. People just love to discuss and compare teams.

For the time being, I did ask around. Your opinion might be as good as theirs. My friend just told me, to answer this question, “I think you just need to look at the line-up of the Yankees.” Ok, so there’s Jeter, Nady, Matsui, Cano, Damon, and the great Rodriguez. (double Wow!).

Now, with CC Sabathia and Burnett along with the veteran Pettitti, what could possibly go wrong? And then my friend told me, all they gotta do is go deep and do a powerful offense to do the job (So I was like, of course they will!)

But then again, anything can happen, right? I guess what he was trying to tell me was, the Yankees this 2009 have such great players in store. So he is betting it’s going to be the Yankees, then Baltimore, Boston, Tampa then Toronto. Let’s watch and see!

When did the New York Yankees started playing baseball?

by admin ~ June 11th, 2009


I simply love the Yankees and everything about them, that is why I always take the time to know what is and what’s not about the team. Just because, I’d love to share this to everyone who adores them like I do.

What’s not to love? They are simply the best, the best team, the best players and the best uniform as well. Blue is calm, calm and then wild when they hit it big and make the fans go crazy.

I don’t know why this should thrill me so, but it does. I think, just the way it is when you root for a team.  I recently bought a Yankees cap and I wear it all the time – which can be very nice. People would just acknowledge you and you get “HI’s” and “HELLO’s” because they are a Yankee fan too!

Anyhow, another trivia question! When did the New York Yankees started playing baseball? The team actually started in 1901. So people, its 1901! Ok, for those who are wondering why they were called the

 Although they played as the “Baltimore Orioles” in 1901 and 1902 under the management of John McGraw and then later became the “New York Highlanders” from 1903 to 1912. They weren’t officially the “New York Yankees” until 1913.

Oh, and another fact, for those who are wondering why they were called the “Orioles” then, it was because the plans for putting up a New York team was blocked by the National League’s New York Giant who had enough political power before to keep them out. That is why, the  next best thing was to put it up in Baltimore, Maryland.

So add that up to your New York Yankees “need-to-know” trivia’s!

Where did the New York Yankees got their name from?

by admin ~ June 11th, 2009

You could hear the sound of the Yankees song as you sleep. That is what you call the “New York Yankees fever.” I wonder what the titles of the songs they play in the stadium. We will have to find out in the next posts. Meanwhile, the trivial question of the day is “Where did the New York Yankees got their name from”

With so much sports news making headlines, questions like this still matter a little bit, just to know something about Yankees olden times. I am the type of person who just loves history, so probably some of you who read posts are just into what’s happening now, or what’s exciting on the field at present. A million number of people watch the Yankees game every year, but I don’t know if they actually know about this simple trivia.

Their team name was derived from a very simple fact that the tern “Northerners” during the Civil War was nicknamed the “Yankees.”

Also, the media had addressed the team the “Yankees” synonymous to “Americans,” thus the team being an American franchise were then called the New York Yankees in 1913 exclusively.
So whether they were called the Baltimore Orioles in the initial 2 years in the beginning, or the Highlanders, and then finally the New York Yankees in the end, for everybody who dotes over the Yankees, they are simply the “the Yanks,” “the pinstripes,” or the New York Yankees whom fans just seem to love.

How many World Series Champtionships have the Yankees won?

by admin ~ June 10th, 2009

This question is usually the most frequently asked questions by fans that do not keep track of the Yankees record throughout its entire history since it started in 1901. Well, who would? Unless you are really a history buff.  It is indeed stressful to memorize all the numbers in details; because as soon as you talk about baseball and its history, or sports in general for that matter, it usually means “numbers.”

Nonetheless, we are not talking about millions or gazillions of numbers. We are only talking about a two-digit figure.

Anyway, how many World Series Championships have they won? The Yankees won 26 World Series.

Going back to basics (you may call it Lesson 101), the New York Yankees is a professional baseball team which is based in Bronx, New York and is a member of the AL East of MLB. It is owned by the business tycoon, George Steinbrenner, who purchased it in the 70’s. Just in case, there’s still a novice out there who is wanting to be a Yankee fan who is not from New York! I know, it sounds stupid, but hey! You never know.

I see questions on the net that may seem unimportant to some personalities, but actually abit significant to others. So let us talk a little trivia about the New York Yankees.  

How are they referred to by fans when they talk about the team? The Yankees are directly associated with the common name “the Yanks,”  “The Bronx Bombers,” or simply “the bombers,” and the less used nickname which is  “pinstripes” in reference to the Yankees home uniform.

They are indeed a marvel to everyone because of their Grande performances since they started playing baseball. There may be slow seasons, but the Yankees have an all-time season winning percentage of .567, the best statistics attained in any baseball team.


Who is the nicest player on the New York Yankees?

by admin ~ June 10th, 2009

When you’re a female fan of the Yankees, you get all mushy every time you express your interest over a baseball icon. That’s just the reality about being a woman. Ok, enough about using the 2nd person. We women just love to know everything about our sports idol. Questions like, are they married, how many kids, who is their wife, pas girlfriends and similar questions like that.

To top it all, we want to know if they are “NICE.”  So I logged in to the internet yesterday and I bumped into this question of a fan asking “who is the nicest player of the Yankees?” and I was like, yeah! Who exactly is the nicest?

Anyway, with much research and just tweaking here and there, I found out that, most people say it’s Derek Jeter. I don’t know if you agree with most fans opinion.

 But personally, who wouldn’t love him? He just looks so charming when you see his pictures posted on the net as well as looking at him on screen and off screen. So I guess that’s why many would think he is the nicest. Well being the Yankees captain from 2003-present, I would assume he knows how to capture the interest of his fans other than playing soo fine on the field.

No wonder he was also named “Face of the Year” of the Yankees voted by staff and fan in 2007 by ESPN and maybe, one of the reasons as well that he was picked to promote his own baseball video game – Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2008, developed by Gameloft.

If you really think about it and gather information everywhere, he is absolutely a people-person. You can check every archive or probably his friends and family and surrounding fans closer to him, they would surely agree with this conclusion.

In 2009’s Sporting News on “List of 50 greatest current baseball players,” he was named #8 - a great spot and success for a baseball player.

So to finish off, I extremely agree with the majority’s opinion that Derek Jeter is the nicest player in the New York Yankees!

New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez

by admin ~ June 10th, 2009


Everywhere I go, I hear Alex Rodriguez name chanted on. I see his name in the internet, in magazines, and on TV. He is unquestionably very popular and people just love him!

His career with the New York Yankees started with the team’s third baseman suffered a knee injury in 2004. As a result, on February 15, 2004, he was traded by the Rangers to the NY Yankees. His position was from shortstop to third base because the famous Derek Jeter was already well established as one.

He was wearing the number 3 his entire career but gave it up to number 13 because his former number 3 was already retired by the Yankees in honor of the legendary Babe Ruth.

His 2009 stats are as follows: BA of .248, 8 HR, 23 RBI’s, .402 OBP, and .52 SLG.  He joined Babe Ruth in the Hall of Fame for his outstanding first season with the Yankees. He became one of only 3 players in MLB history to compile at least 35 home runs, 100 runs, and 100 RBI’s in seven consecutive seasons.

Not only that, he was named as the AL Most Valuable Player in 2005. He was the first Yankee to win the American League homerun title since Reggie Jackson in 1980. I can enumerate so much of his accomplishments that I’m sure your eyes would turn red for reading, so I won’t. It is extremely obvious that Alex Rodriguez is a sure asset of the New York Yankees which is proper that he is the highest paid player in 2009 season with a salary of $33M.

The Yankees’ Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez is truly a great big nugget for the team.  It has to be mentioned that he is the youngest player ever to hit 500 home runs. He broke the record of Jimmie Foxx in 1939.

I can go on and on about his impressive performance in baseball and I’m sure nobody would disagree with me as to how brilliant Alex Rodriguez is and without doubt deserves the gigantic interest of his fans.

Highest-Paid New York Yankees Roster

by stephanie ~ June 9th, 2009


Ever wonder how much your favorite baseball player earns? Well, some are not disclosed especially the new ones or the unpopular ones. But those that are very well-known are printed out.  Most likely, they want to let everybody know how big they are in the MLB, wouldn’t you think?

Ok people the highest paid player in the New York Yankee team (this is for those who doesn’t know and just watch the game and do not care how much the salary is) is infielder Alex Rodriguez, whose 2009 salary is $33,000, 000! Visualize that! Compared to the not-so-popular players(of course! Because they don’t play that well compared to the stars) who only get about $400,000, that is way too low!

Next in line, who also receives a huge amount of money is another infielder, the famous Derek Jeter who has a salary of $21,600,000 as of 2009.

3rd highest paid baseball player in the Yankee team is Mark Teixeira, another infielder who earns $20, 625,000 as of 2009.

These are the top 3 expensive players of the New York Yankees team, all belonging to the infielders. Of course there are pitchers, catchers, designated hitters and outfielders who receive a huge sum as well, many of them big and popular baseball stars but these 3 are the highest.

If you compare their earnings  to Basketball players, they are abit the same. But probably baseball pros who are really really good and popular earns quite the same. Owners of these franchises probably have benchmarks when it comes to the amount of money they offer to individual players.  Michael Jordan earned over $30M during his last 2 years with the Chicago Bulls.

“CC” Sabathia - largest pitcher contract in baseball history

by stephanie ~ June 8th, 2009


Carsten Charles Sabathia is number 52 of the New York Yankees team.  He is the pitcher of the first Yankee game at Baltimore Orioles new Yankee Stadium.  He was born on July 21, 1980. I can definitely conclude that he did such a big career success at age 28.

Imagine this! His salary as of 2009 is $15.3M, an increment of about $3M per year for the past 4 years. His team member Mariano Rivera, number 42 earns $15M as well. But, Sabathia still earns abit more knowing the fact that Rivera has been playing for 14 years and he is already 39. Like the famous Babe Ruth and I think most of the best player’s profile that I have read, he throws with his left hand. I’d have to look at my next NY Yankees players and see if best players use their left hand.

He was signed by the New York Yankees in December 18.  Sabathia joined the team together with AJ Burnett. The contract he signed was a $161M for 7 years with the NY Yankees, which proves to be the largest contract for a pitcher in baseball history.

CC Sabathias has three plus pitches which is the fastball, breaking ball and changeup. His postseason record is 5-3 (2 wins and 3 losses in 5 games).

During the recent Yankees news on ESPN, Sabathia gave up five runs – four earned on five hits over 8 innings.  Though, the team lost during the Saturday game.  It wasn’t his best games because he gave up a pair of homers and walked three. His next start is schedule on Thusrday at Fenway park against the Red Sox.

Sabathia was famous in his speech with ESPN in 2007 on making sure that there is an adequate black players in Major League Baseball because it was obviously an enduring problem.