Joe Girardi - New York Yankees 2008-2009 Manager

by admin ~ June 18th, 2009


Gone are the days when it was too impossible for a person to have two career successes at one point. Joe Girardi’s Yankee manager is a broadcaster by blood at the same time, a great coach.

He was a catcher in his Major League Baseball career.  He was traded in 1995 to the Yankees team for pitcher Mike DeJean.  He was a player in various baseball teams, but 5 years with the New York Yankees for he left in 2000. In fact, he was the team’s regular catcher then. Born on October 14, 1964 in Peoria, Illinois, Girardi earned three World Series.

In a real sense of sensitivity, I find Joe Girardi to be boasting that great characteristic. I have made this conclusion because of what happened to a sad incident when he was a Cub — the death of Daryll Kile. He had a game cancelled against the Cardinals because of this heartbreaking event of the Cardinal family.

It comes to no shock that he was a great baseball player. Then came his broadcasting career in 2004 when he retired and became a commentator for the YES Network, also owned by the same industrialist, Steinbrenner.

He was offered an expanded role in 2005 Yankee broadcasts, but turned it down because he decided to become a Coach. Amongst the most interesting journey of his retirement as an MLB player, Joe Girardi was fielding himself out as to what he really wanted and by passing off the opportunity in the broadcasting business, I assume he found his niche in directing a team, being a great player himself.

Girardi’s Managerial Career started with the Florida Marlins in 2005 and gained huge success over it. However, on October 3, 2006, he was taken out of the Marlins. A gesture Girardi just shrug off and only said that he was grateful of the opportunity given to him. This action opened doors for him. There were a lot of managerial breaks for him, but Alas! In October 29, 2008, he was reported to be the New York Yankee’s managerial pick and by October 30, he signed a 3-year deal, said to be worth $7.5M.

I guess, Girardi’s passion for managing a team goes beyond the limit. I have noticed that he has been involved with a lot of disagreements and arguments on the field when it comes to calls made. It happened in the past with his first year as a manager with the Marlins and then with the Yankees.

Girardi’s first year as a Yankee manager was a bit of a disappointment for many because it was the first time in 14 years that the team did not reach the post season.

It is absolutely a real fire for Joe Girardi to tackle this 2009 season.

New York Yankees Xavier Nady - No. 22

by admin ~ June 18th, 2009

An outfielder born on November 14, 1978 is Xavier Nady. He has been with the Yankees team since January 20, 2008 for a one-year contract with a salary of $6.5M this 2009. His track record in professional baseball started in 2000 with the San Diego Padres.

A player’s talent is always measured through how well they are with their current statistics. Nady has a batting average of .280, 87 HRs, 325 runs batted in, and .893 of on-base plus slugging as of May 2009.  League average for batting is actually at .268, so definitely he is above average. Not too far away from excellence; league leader statistics is at .354.

I always find myself comparing each of the players statistics, but it varies because of the number of years of their professional experience, as well as a lot of factors. Nady has a 7-year experience in his baseball career.

Xavier Nady’s quest to place his baseball career at its peak is probably with the Yankees, although, that has to be delayed because of his mishap recently.  I guess he will have to wait until rehabilitation is over. But it is said that he is making progress.

His reason for being in the DL is soreness on his right elbow. According to the team’s official site it is very likely for him not to join the team’s three-city road trip and he might be activated during  the Yankees return against the Mariners.

Robinson Cano - named after the legendary Jackie Robinson

by admin ~ June 17th, 2009


The number 24 second baseman Robinson Cano made his debut with the New York Yankees on May 3, 2005. One of his career highlights was his All-Star selection and Silver Slugger Award in 2006.

Although his career with the Yankees is still short, Cano already has a batting average of .304, some players are only between .2 and .3 range. It is also not a surprise that Robinson Cano became a great baseball player himself. He was named after the legendary Jackie Robinson.

Today Cano, his accomplishment includes hitting the first home run in the new Stadium. As a matter of fact, he started off really good with a batting average of .300, 70 hits, 9 home runs and 34 RBI’s through June 8th.

Cano’s personal life, like most players was based on the footsteps of his father who was signed by the New York Yankees in 1980 and a pitching in 1989 for 6 games.

Even then, Cano was already the Yankees favorite because right after graduation, he was signed by the Yankees in their minor league system.

Robinson Cano is from Dominican Republic. He bats with his left and throws with his right. I find him young playing for the Yankees and I admire him a lot. He is already earning a salary of $6M, compared to some players with the team who earns a little bit lower than his, considering his age and his baseball experience of only 4 years. After all, who could say that Robinson Cano is already successful with the Yankees at age 26?

His Yankee life may not be as interesting as the others, but all I can say is that, if a person is 26 and is already earning a lot, believe or not, there is too much in store for the baseball player in the future!

New York Yankees Star Players

by stephanie ~ June 16th, 2009

 It is totally intense and stressful when you’re an avid fun, don’t you agree? I mean, you gotta know what’s new and follow every footstep of their success or failures. I know this for a fact because I get totally crazy with them and I’m sure I’m not the only one on that lane!

So are you ready for the New York Yankees best players of 2009? It’s not easy to itemize every single player when there is too many of them in the team! I know they will make it and break it this season. Besides, the Yankees have spent a fortune on some of them anyways, so they better make it!

 Let’s start with the pitchers:

·         Number 42 is Mariano “Mo” Rivera , a Panamanian  relief pitcher who has a salary of $15M.

·         Next, the Yankees talked about player,  the popular and considered as one of the most highest paid pitcher is number 34, pitcher A.J Burnett with a salary of $16.5M.

·         Another great pitcher is Andy Pettitte, who owns number 46.

·         The Yankees also have Chien-Ming Wang who earns $5M (not bad for a start)

·         And of course, the great CC Sabathia who’s salary is $15.3M

Next is:

·         Catcher Jorge Posada, who has been with the Yankees for the longest time! (his one and only team)

Now for the infielders:

·         There’s the popular and controversial Alex Rodriguez – number 13! I have to mention he is the highest paid amongst all the Yankee players.

·         Mark Teixeira, the ‘perfectionist,”  who uses number 25 and earns $20.6M

·         Most-loved player by fans and known to be the nicest of the Yankee players, Derek Jeter! He earns $21M.

Then the outfielders:

·         The renowned Johnny Damon (number 18), whose salary, is $13M.

·         Number 22, Xavier Nady, currently on Disabled List, but a great player as well with a salary of $6.5M

·         Also, a popular player and admired by a lot of fans (How do I know this? You see his name come up in most testimonials), number 33, Nick Swisher.  His salary is $5.4M

Last but not the least, the designated hitter:

·         Number 55, Hideki Matsui. Nicknamed Godzilla because of his facial expression when he hits the ball. He earns $13M.

Introducing these “star” players, perhaps the best line-up you can ever find. They are bound to really win (no offense to those people who disliked the Yankees).  If they won’t, you can expect the team to be at least in the front runner.

If you haven’t noticed, It’s a habit of mine to always mention their salary, simply because the amount a player is offered matches his ability to play in the field and how valuable they can be for the team.

The Infamous Johnny Damon

by admin ~ June 15th, 2009


It is only natural for people to change preference. Sometimes our choices differ and we tend to incline ourselves to choose a different path, or better yet, some just want change. It also rings true with player Johnny Damon who signed a 4 year contract with the New York Yankees for $52M on December 20, 2005.

He is New York Yankees number 18 and earned $13M as 2009. One of the highest paid Yankee players as well. Damon bats and throws with his left.

Nothing is even more interesting to Johnny Damon’s change of career team. He is a total fiend according to Red Sox fans because of his pick to switch teams and definitely something a fan does not want when their mind is set out that a player should be loyal. As a matter of fact, a t-shirt print was seen in an opponent’s shirt (Bostons) that read “Looks like Jesus; acts like Judas; throws like Mary,” Maybe Jesus characterized by his long hair, and Juda’s betrayal. It made me grin when I read this phrase. Fans can be very mean when you do somewhat out of ordinary.

 When he joined the team, because of the Yankees standards he was forced to clean himself up a bit with regards to grooming himself.

Since his indiscretion, his popularity even grew. But, Damon ignores his fans distaste over his imprudence, and sees it in a positive way because of the fact that he is simply a great player and is only experiencing transition in his career. Thus, he told the media that those people who booed him were just envious of his talent.

On top of his infamous behavior, he was wrongly accused by ESPN of being in the Mitchell Report and that his name was in the document, but when the report came out his name was nowhere to be found.

Johnny Damon received quite a handful of awards too. Including, being selected twice as All-Star in 2002 and 2005 and being in the 2004 World Series Championship.

It’s a good thing for Damon to be part of the New York Yankees for his career was spiced up.

Damon also has an unusual exercise routine that would make everybody laugh (well it made me!). He does naked push-ups in the locker room before a game. What’s more, he admits to pursuing cars in his block at night when speed limit is 25mph and he can truly match this on foot.

He is beyond doubt a great player that does not care what anybody thinks as long as he is doing his thing.

New York Yankees Mariano “Mo” Rivera - Number 42

by admin ~ June 15th, 2009


Rivera is from Panama, selected 9 times as an All-Star baseball in MLB. A relief pitcher of the New York Yankees and has a professional experience of 14 years. His 14-year tenure with the Yankees is the longest of any active pitcher. As of 2009, his salary is $15M, in line with highest paid players of the Yankees.

Like any baseball player, his accomplishment exceeds the expectations of many because he ranks as the best among all relievers in MLB, finishing the regular season with 20 saves, a sub-2.00 ERA, and a sub-1.00 WHIP on four occasions.

 He converted 88.9% of his save opportunities, the fourth-best percentage among relievers with at least 200 save chances. These are to mention a few of his accomplishments, and even more if I will spell out all into in details. In fact, I have never read so much accomplishments, awards and records of a Yankee player.

On the other hand, a player’s number is usually their lucky charm. Mariano Rivera is number 42. What happens frequently is when a legend retires, so does the number that is associated with them.  However, Mariano Rivera is the last active player to wear the uniform Number 42 which was retired since 1997 in honor of Jackie Robinson.

He has a signature pitch called the “cutter” in his cut fastball. Rivera bats and throws with his right. Considered by most baseball experts to be the greatest closer in MLB, it is also astonishing that he centers his life on God. He is a devoted Christian. I find this very special because not so many players are this religious. I guess, you would agree with me when I make this presumption. It is very uncommon, but not unusual to Rivera because of his origin.

Catcher Jose Molina

by admin ~ June 15th, 2009


Recently, I started looking into the Yankee catchers and see which one is popular with the fans and which one is earning more than the other. A player finally did caught my eye.

Jose Benjamin Molina Matta is one of the four (4) New York Yankees catcher this 2009. His earning salary is $2.125M as of 2009. Even though, his paycheck is not as high as the other Yankee catchers, like Jorge Posada.

 Jose Molina and 2 of his brothers’ Benjie and Yadier Molina are all in the MLB. They are the only three brothers in MLB history to all win World Series Championship rings.

He signed a 2-year contract with the New York Yankees in September 21, 2008. He was known for hitting the last home run in the original Yankee stadium in the Yankees final game at the ballpark against the Baltimore Orioles.

Molina throws and bats with his right hand. His experience in baseball is quite a handful of 9 years. As of May 2009, Jose Molina has a batting average of .238, 20 HRs, 121 runs batted in, and .618 on-base plus slugging.

In some testimonials on one of the popular websites that I have encountered, a lot of fans are actually doting for him. In fact, some thinks he is the best player of the New York Yankees (and Yes I agree we can be biased when we root for our favorite players) looking for him and wanting him to be back on the field; his been on disabled list since May 10th when he strained his quadriceps (a group of muscles on the backside of the thigh).

The catcher’s rehabilitation has taken longer than expected. Molina is expected to be the No. 2 catcher before end of June 2009 if he continues to progress.

New York Yankees Number 20 - Jorge Posada

by admin ~ June 13th, 2009

When I read this guy’s profile and see what his life is all about, I find New York Yankees Jorge Posada’s life entertaining than most majority players. He was a Yankee through and through.

Posada started his career with the Yankees from 1995 until present, so he has never been with another team in his baseball career compared to most players that’s somewhat rickety in terms of becoming part of a team. Probably one of the reasons why he is also earns a large sum of cash. His salary with the Yankees is $13.1M as of 2009.

Over the past years of his professional baseball life, he has not failed to show his fans and the team that he has got what it takes to be a catcher. Joe Posada is the only MLB catcher to ever hit .330 or better with 40 doubles, 20 HR and 90 RBI’s in a single season. Well, he and Yogi Berra that is, are the only ones who hit 30 HR’s in one season. And since 2000, Posada had more runs batted in and home runs than any other catcher in baseball.

He was also selected to catch the ceremonial first pitch in September 2008, the last game at the original Yankee stadium. Guess who threw the pitch? It was Babe Ruth’s only surviving daughter Julia Ruth Stephens.

Amazing player, Posada, indeed has talent. He has been on 5 All-Star teams as a switch hitter.

Aside from his baseball career, what really struck me really great is that, other players just goes to school and become a sports star, but Posada graduated valedictorian of his class in Decatur Alabama at the Calhoun Community College. So he is not just a great baseball player, but an intellectual one at that!

New York Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang

by stephanie ~ June 12th, 2009


Fewer people would peg me as a person who loves baseball. What’s interesting about it, is that it is somewhat a slow game, waiting for a slow kill. I’m not certain if you guys understand what I mean, but some people makes the waiting soo ominous, that it’s a dull sport for some.

I actually felt that way at first when I was in third grade, up until I tried out to be part of the team. I learned to love it and not just love it, but really really got crazy about this sport.

I was talking about how slow this sport was because one of my friends asked me if I didn’t mind all the waiting, when a pitcher has to throw the ball, then the players are waiting to catch it when it’s up in the air or on the ground. Unlike basketball where players are simply running passing the ball. Anyhow, every sport is different and I just happen to love this sport.

Pitchers always catches my eye coz they are the ones who are a center of attention. One of the Yankee pitchers who has only a professional experience of 4 years, is Chien-Ming Wang. He is Chinese and a starting pitcher of the New York Yankees. Initially signed as an amateur agent, later, signed with the Yankees from 2005 to present. His salary with the team is $5M. Not a bad figure at all, considering he only has 4 years of professional experience. He has gone big, and really climbed his way up.

Wang became the first Yankees’ starting pitcher and the first game winning pitcher of the new Yankee Stadium in opener exhibition game against the Chicago Cubs.

His pitching style is a combination of the mid 90’s four-seam fastball, a sinker, a lot with a slider, a changeup and a splitter. So far, most pitchers are comfortable with two styles, the curveball and the fastball.  Wang also throws a decent split finger fastball which he only uses when in need of a strike out or a double play.

Although, he still has a lot to prove, staying with the Yankees is a good choice for Wang because for most people’s opinion (“US” Yankees fans, I assume), a player can never be considered truly great if he never played for the New York Yankees!

Thrilled of the Yanks signing AJ Burnett?

by stephanie ~ June 12th, 2009

Like CC Sabathia and Derek Jeter, AJ Burnett is also one heck of a player. He is one of the highest paid players by the New York Yankees.

Previously he played with the Florida Marlins from 1999-2005, been with Toronto Blue Jays from 2006-2008 and then recently, he signed as a pitcher on December 18, 2008 with and 82.5M 5-year contract together with CC Sabathia.

There are those in the MLB who wants to sway themselves to success by being a good player with a no-nonsense standing and then there’s some who puts up their reputation of being notorious.  Well AJ Burnet became known for being one in his 2009 season. I wouldn’t call it a severe case of notoriety, but still he can raise a few eyebrows. He surprises whomever hit or scored the winning runs with pie or shaving cream in the face and during the 2009 season, Robinson Cano, Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera, and Alex Rodriguez have had their share.

If we talk about his style in pitching, he is a two-pitch pitcher relying on his fastball and curveball. His fastball runs at around 100 mph and his curveball in the low 80s.

AJ Burnett is also known for having so many tattoos, including an Aztec symbol on his right leg and an image of Bruce Lee on his triceps. He also use to wear nipple rings.

He had excellent accomplishments when he started with the New York Yankees having pushed the Yankees record in the season to 1-2. In his second start Burnett went 6 innings of no-hit baseball by doing 3 straight hits to tie the game. He ended up going 8 innings and getting the win to go 2-0 on the year and just last month May 12, AJ Burnett made his comeback with the Toronto Blue Jays. It was such an awful experience for him because he was loudly booed throughout the game.

Some Yankee fans are not really that thrilled of him playing for the Yankees, so he has a lot to prove. But that’s the same sentiments New York Yankee fans feel when they had Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, Mike Mussina and the other players who were signed.