New York Yankees Star Players

by stephanie ~ June 16th, 2009.

 It is totally intense and stressful when you’re an avid fun, don’t you agree? I mean, you gotta know what’s new and follow every footstep of their success or failures. I know this for a fact because I get totally crazy with them and I’m sure I’m not the only one on that lane!

So are you ready for the New York Yankees best players of 2009? It’s not easy to itemize every single player when there is too many of them in the team! I know they will make it and break it this season. Besides, the Yankees have spent a fortune on some of them anyways, so they better make it!

 Let’s start with the pitchers:

·         Number 42 is Mariano “Mo” Rivera , a Panamanian  relief pitcher who has a salary of $15M.

·         Next, the Yankees talked about player,  the popular and considered as one of the most highest paid pitcher is number 34, pitcher A.J Burnett with a salary of $16.5M.

·         Another great pitcher is Andy Pettitte, who owns number 46.

·         The Yankees also have Chien-Ming Wang who earns $5M (not bad for a start)

·         And of course, the great CC Sabathia who’s salary is $15.3M

Next is:

·         Catcher Jorge Posada, who has been with the Yankees for the longest time! (his one and only team)

Now for the infielders:

·         There’s the popular and controversial Alex Rodriguez – number 13! I have to mention he is the highest paid amongst all the Yankee players.

·         Mark Teixeira, the ‘perfectionist,”  who uses number 25 and earns $20.6M

·         Most-loved player by fans and known to be the nicest of the Yankee players, Derek Jeter! He earns $21M.

Then the outfielders:

·         The renowned Johnny Damon (number 18), whose salary, is $13M.

·         Number 22, Xavier Nady, currently on Disabled List, but a great player as well with a salary of $6.5M

·         Also, a popular player and admired by a lot of fans (How do I know this? You see his name come up in most testimonials), number 33, Nick Swisher.  His salary is $5.4M

Last but not the least, the designated hitter:

·         Number 55, Hideki Matsui. Nicknamed Godzilla because of his facial expression when he hits the ball. He earns $13M.

Introducing these “star” players, perhaps the best line-up you can ever find. They are bound to really win (no offense to those people who disliked the Yankees).  If they won’t, you can expect the team to be at least in the front runner.

If you haven’t noticed, It’s a habit of mine to always mention their salary, simply because the amount a player is offered matches his ability to play in the field and how valuable they can be for the team.

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