New York Yankees Number 20 - Jorge Posada

by admin ~ June 13th, 2009.

When I read this guy’s profile and see what his life is all about, I find New York Yankees Jorge Posada’s life entertaining than most majority players. He was a Yankee through and through.

Posada started his career with the Yankees from 1995 until present, so he has never been with another team in his baseball career compared to most players that’s somewhat rickety in terms of becoming part of a team. Probably one of the reasons why he is also earns a large sum of cash. His salary with the Yankees is $13.1M as of 2009.

Over the past years of his professional baseball life, he has not failed to show his fans and the team that he has got what it takes to be a catcher. Joe Posada is the only MLB catcher to ever hit .330 or better with 40 doubles, 20 HR and 90 RBI’s in a single season. Well, he and Yogi Berra that is, are the only ones who hit 30 HR’s in one season. And since 2000, Posada had more runs batted in and home runs than any other catcher in baseball.

He was also selected to catch the ceremonial first pitch in September 2008, the last game at the original Yankee stadium. Guess who threw the pitch? It was Babe Ruth’s only surviving daughter Julia Ruth Stephens.

Amazing player, Posada, indeed has talent. He has been on 5 All-Star teams as a switch hitter.

Aside from his baseball career, what really struck me really great is that, other players just goes to school and become a sports star, but Posada graduated valedictorian of his class in Decatur Alabama at the Calhoun Community College. So he is not just a great baseball player, but an intellectual one at that!

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