New York Yankees - richest baseball club in MLB?

by stephanie ~ June 6th, 2009

Ever wonder how the New York Yankees operate and became the richest baseball club in MLB at some point or another? Well, some people probably know, but to those who doesn’t, here’s an explanation in a nutshell!

I stumbled into a great information from someone earlier and I was amazed as to how many fans actually made the team a very lucrative business. The “behind the scenes?” Do the Math!

It is estimated that 51 thousand avid fans pay an average of $28 to come to 81 home games. And that’s not all, US fans sip sodas and hot dogs at $4.50 each which generate s half of the teams sales. The other half comes from $140 ad deals and media rights. So in actuality, while fans are there to cheer, just hanging out with family, they are boosting the franchise’s profit. The “booing and the shouting” of overly-enthusiastic individuals that are merely crazy about the Yankees are not actually put to vain. They are helping the team get rich!

The New York Yankee’s largest expense comes from their player costs which are about $200 million per year. There is also the league revenue sharing and the cost of flying the players across the country. (You didn’t think that was all fun and no cost did you?)

Some season they may loss millions, but the following year they earn it back and even more revenue. At present, the MLB team is valued at $1.2 billion. So you don’t really look at it like a loss and profit game year after year because Steinbrenner also owns more than a third of the YES network which caters to 8.7 million subscribers. Pretty astounding, isn’t it? The revenue from here alone, top a quarter of a billion.

Purchasing the YES network was certainly a great move of the business tycoon and owner of New York Yankee’s because they generate even more profit, making it easy to cover up the player’s expense!

Thanks’ to Steinbrenner and his staff’s brilliant minds for thinking of something creative and big like this. What’s even more interesting is their plans recently. The team financed an $800 million stadium that will open in 2009; another utterly amazing move by the owner because that will deduct their stadium-operations expense, lowering their overhead cost!

10 Facts About the New York Yankees

by stephanie ~ June 6th, 2009


Ok, so there must be a whole lot of New York Yankee’s fan out there! Here are a few known facts about the team.

1. They are managed by Joe Torre since 1996. Joseph Paul Torre (that’s his real name, by the way) now ranks 6th in all-time MLB managerial wins. Now one huge credit for the manager is that, he has won them 10 AL East Division titles, 6 AL Pennants and 4 World Series title! Wohoooohhh! Way to go Joe!

2. The team is owned by George Steinbrenner, a very successful businessman who also purchased YES cable network.

3. They have 15 numbers retired, the most in the Major League Baseball.

4. The Yankees made it through the playoffs in 12 straight years.

5. They are in the AL East Division.

6. They have won the AL East for 9 straight years.

7. The team has won 26 World Series titles. Hey! That’s more championships than any other team in any North American sport! That alone is a great accomplishment for the Yankees they can be proud of! (My tongue is out, for those who hate the New York Yankees).

8. They play at the Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York, but they are building a new stadium this will be ready in 2009.

9. There is a one and only player remaining in MLB, who is allowed to wear number 42 ever again — Mariano Rivera!

10. From 1913-2009, the team won 26 World Championships, 39 Pennants, and 47 Playoff appearances!

That’s it folks! Hope that was very informative for those of you who needs a little dose of the New York Yankees history! And of course, for those readers who does not like to read tons and tons of words in a page! Don’t you just hate it?

The Greatest Yankees of All Time

by admin ~ May 18th, 2009


Biased as it may seem, when it comes to sports, the team as a whole are not usually the first things people remember. People may be familiar with a team mainly because their favorite player is in it, or if they do know the whole team, the first name they’d call out would be of their favorite player’s.

Here are three of the Greatest Yankee players of all time who still hold much fame today. These players have also won a spot in the Hall of Fame due to their wonderful performance in baseball. Baseball definitely has a lot of talents to offer, but these three were the pioneers of their time and still hold an undying torch in Baseball history.

The most famous player would most probably be Babe Ruth who not only became a Hall of Famer, he also built Yankee history by being a major part of their success in the 1930’s as they won around seven World Series titles. He is usually considered as the best Baseball player of all time, with Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio sharing the same honor.

While Babe Ruth only played for 14 years with the New York Yankees, Lou Gehrig had been in the team for about 16 years. He played alongside Ruth, also contributing to the success of the Yankees. He was also the youngest baseball player to join the Hall of Fame in 1939.

Lou Gehrig died soon after on 1941 due to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a brain-related sickness wherein the cells of his central nervous system would collapse and degenerate. Symptoms included being unable to control his very own movements. His illness took his life at the tender age of 37.

When Ruth and Gehrig left the Yankees, Joe DiMaggio became the next “hot” thing in baseball. He had played with the Yankees for 11 years, was voted as MVP thrice, and helped the team win another 9 World Series Titles. He was also inducted into the All Star list 13 times.

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio serve as the best role models for kids and adults alike. As long as you do your best in your craft, you will surely succeed, the same way they have.

What Baseball Scouts Look for in Potential Baseball Stars

by admin ~ May 15th, 2009

Our topic today is a special guide for potential baseball stars who want to play baseball not just as a hobby, but also as a full-time profession.

As the saying goes, “Nothing is Impossible,” there is absolutely nothing that’s keeping your from being the baseball star you hope to be. All it takes is a little more guts and confidence in oneself, topped with hard work, and soon enough, you’ll be in the New Yankee Stadium not as an onlooker, but as the main attraction of the game.

Below are tips on how you can impress baseball scouts in professional baseball as well as in college. As you continue to build the athlete in you, you will also be winning experience and expertise along the way. Who knows? You could be the next Babe Ruth baseball history has been waiting for.

  1. Scouts measure your attitude, how you treat your team mates, and your love for the game. Let’s start off with the obvious truth. Before scouts measure your baseball prowess, they would definitely want to know if you’re the man your skills describe you to be. A good pitcher with a very bad temper on court would end up getting more fouls than points. You will be working in a team and not solo; hence, if you don’t know how to respect your team mates, even your coach would not want to deal with you. Your attitude towards other people and to the game counts a lot; that said, the first thing that wins the hearts of scouts is your respect for the game and for fellow players.
  2. Let’s move on to your proficiency. Scouts look at your speed. Baseball, in layman’s terms, is game that involves throwing, catching, pitching, and running. See? Great speed equates to a good player who is capable of catching, running, and pitching quickly. If you’re speedy, scouts will have their eye on you.
  3. Scouts have their own manner of measuring a player’s running speed; however, those who are able to make a 60 yard dash at 6-6.5 seconds are in excellent form. Those who make it to 7 seconds or less are acceptable also.
  4. After their speed, they will have to consider the way you pitch, throw, or the way you serve your purpose in the team. Generally, they will have to see if you are a good player.
  5. Your physical strengths will also have to matter in baseball. For one, you must be tall, preferable someone within the range of 5’10 to 6’2. A ballplayer’s recommended height is 6’0 for a ballplayer; 6’1 for a pitcher; and for a pitcher, 5’11 is a desirable height. Also, someone between the weights of 190-200 pounds is a good pick.
  6. Base stealing is also an important feat in baseball and at times, you will have to make base stealing attempts. Those who can make it to a 3.0-3.2 second time frame when attempting to steal bases is in fine shape.
  7. Scouts also consider the following aspects:
  • Respect for the game and for fellow players
  • School and work habits
  • Aggressiveness
  • Maturity
  • Composure
  • Habits towards people when not playing
  • Desire to win
  • Dedication
  • Speed
  • Endurance
  • And of course, intelligence.

There are other things scouts look for in a player before picking him to be a member of a reputable college baseball team or a professional team. What are these criteria? Only scouts know them; but you, as a player, you only need to know passion for the game and you’re good to go.


by admin ~ April 28th, 2009

Called “the most loyal fans any baseball team could ever ask for”, the Bleacher Creatures is a group of die-hard New York Yankees fans who will stop at no one and at nothing to cheer for their favorite baseball team of all time. They used to be found in section 39 and sometimes, 37 of the old Yankee Stadium, but just recently, they moved to Section 203 of the new Yankee Stadium.

Their loyalty and firm allegiance to the New York Yankees and their harshness towards opposing fans have made them a feared and respected group in the stadium by other baseball fans and the opposing team’s supporters but at times, acclaimed for being a Yankee player’s most favorite group of people.

Bleacher Creature tradition started sometime in the 1980’s and 1990’s when the tides were turning against the Yankees. The only two things that remained loud and grew louder and stronger were the Bleacher Creatures’ roll calls and cheers that provided the Yankees with moral support. Ali Ramirez, the forefather of the Creatures’ tradition would ring a cowbell to catch the attention of the other supporters and would lead them into cheering. When he died on the 9th of May in 1996, little did he know that his legacy would enforce the most loyal group of fans of all time.

Today, the Bleacher Creatures are getting ready for their move to Section 203 in the New Yankee Stadium and once they are there, get ready for more roll calls and more cheering. Opposing teams beware, the Bleacher Creatures won’t stop cheering on for their favorite baseball team and if you find yourself near them, get ready for some heavy jeering—they won’t stop till you get their message.

Photo credits: skyliner72, jim_who, and TimmyGUNZ

Babe Ruth: The Roaring Bambino

by admin ~ April 23rd, 2009

Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig

Before he was a pitcher, long before he entered the record books, long before he made 54 homeruns as a Yankee, and long before we turned him into a chocolate bar, he was just Babe Ruth- ex-Red Sox outfielder.

Babe Ruth, born George Herman Ruth, Jr., also known as “the Sultan of Swat” and “The Bambino” was a top American Major League baseball player, famously known for playing for the Yankees as an outfielder and breaking record after record in his time. Being the first ever player to hit 60 home runs in a single season (1927), Ruth became a baseball superstar overnight and a larger than life sports icon throughout history.

Babe Ruth first played for the Baltimore Orioles; however, as the fame of free agency grew, he was sold to the Boston Red Sox until he was eventually bought by the New York Yankees in the 1920’s. His transfer was the Yankees’ greatest bane and the Red Sox’s worst boon since little did the latter know they would not be winning a single championship for the next 86 years.

Now with the Yankees, he made 54 home runs and batted .376 on his first year with his new team. The next year, he, along with his team mates made Yankee-history by winning their first ever league championship. Ruth’s display of continuous home runs and amazing records transformed the face of baseball from being the “inside game” to the “power game” from then on.

The Yankees eventually moved onto the World Series in 1921 and with Ruth in their lineup, they were able to win the first two games; however, things turned badly for Ruth and his team when he fell into a series of mishaps. Although they lost the 1921 World Series, Ruth still managed to redesign history in 1923.

1923 was a great year for the Yankees due to the construction of the Yankee Stadium, which was also named, “The House That Ruth Built.” Ruth once again gave the Yankees another victory by leading them to the championships on their first game in the stadium. Also, on the same year, they battled the New York Giants once again for the World Series, and this time, Ruth did not let victory run past him. Ruth walked eight times, batted .368, gained 8 runs, slugged 1.000, and scored 3 home runs. Eventually, they won their first World Series by 4 to 2 games.

Babe reached the height of his career in 1927 when he made a record of 60 homeruns in a season of 154 games, and became the first person to do so.

The next few years proved difficult for the Yankees as well as for Ruth. In 1929, the Yankees were unable to return to the World Series and it would take them another three years to regain their momentum. However, he was still able to win various games with the Yankees and make records.

Babe Ruth in action

As soon as Babe Ruth first entered the diamonds in 1921, he has built a lot of amazing records, some of which are still intact today. His prowess has made him baseball’s Greatest Player Ever in 1969, and in 1998, he ranked Number 1 on The Sporting News’ “Baseball’s 100 Greatest Players.”

Baseball aficionados, kids, teenagers, and adults, male or female, still look up to the man who reinvented the face of baseball. Indeed, baseball would not be as grand as we regard it to be had not Babe Ruth entered the fields. Hence, hats off to the Greatest Baseball Player of all time: Babe Ruth!

Photo credits: Regatta Le Blanc; Artifishall


by admin ~ April 21st, 2009

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