Highest Number of Errors the Yankees committed in a Regular Season Game

by admin ~ June 19th, 2009

I stumbled into a trivial question of one of the New York Yankees fan. He got curious as to how many number of errors the team committed in a regular season; also the Yankees opponent and the date it occurred.

I want to share this information to everyone who is a Yankee fan and those who hate them altogether. Some anti-Yankees are always outraged with the fact that they are just impossibly good and of course, the Yanks are not the first one in line when it comes to the highest number of blunders.

The highest number of errors the New York Yankees committed in a regular season is actually less than 12.

Luckily for the Yankees (or maybe they are just utterly awesome that they are not the one who holds the record of most errors in a game), they do not hold the title.

The record for most errors in a game is 12, held jointly by the Detroit (AL)  and Chicago (AL). The Detroit team made a mess with handling the ball 12 times in a game versus Chicago in May 1901. Chicago also tied the game against Detroit in May, 1903.

There a lot of big Yankee fans everywhere who just wants to know anything under the sun, which is why I love sharing petty stuff like this. Other than the wins and the losses and the best players they have at the moment.

So stay tuned!

New York Yankees this 2009 Season

by stephanie ~ June 11th, 2009

I never really understood how a person loves to know about what happens in the future. I mean, why not seize the moment and then go from there? I educated myself by asking individuals opinion regarding this thing.  I always love to haul myself up with silly mundane situations like this, about people wanting to know what tomorrow brings.

Anyway, one of my friends had asked me how the New York Yankees will do this season, and I was like, who cares? I just want to see them play and do the action on the field and see them win! But, since that question was ask, I guess that is truly important in some ways. People just love to discuss and compare teams.

For the time being, I did ask around. Your opinion might be as good as theirs. My friend just told me, to answer this question, “I think you just need to look at the line-up of the Yankees.” Ok, so there’s Jeter, Nady, Matsui, Cano, Damon, and the great Rodriguez. (double Wow!).

Now, with CC Sabathia and Burnett along with the veteran Pettitti, what could possibly go wrong? And then my friend told me, all they gotta do is go deep and do a powerful offense to do the job (So I was like, of course they will!)

But then again, anything can happen, right? I guess what he was trying to tell me was, the Yankees this 2009 have such great players in store. So he is betting it’s going to be the Yankees, then Baltimore, Boston, Tampa then Toronto. Let’s watch and see!

When did the New York Yankees started playing baseball?

by admin ~ June 11th, 2009


I simply love the Yankees and everything about them, that is why I always take the time to know what is and what’s not about the team. Just because, I’d love to share this to everyone who adores them like I do.

What’s not to love? They are simply the best, the best team, the best players and the best uniform as well. Blue is calm, calm and then wild when they hit it big and make the fans go crazy.

I don’t know why this should thrill me so, but it does. I think, just the way it is when you root for a team.  I recently bought a Yankees cap and I wear it all the time – which can be very nice. People would just acknowledge you and you get “HI’s” and “HELLO’s” because they are a Yankee fan too!

Anyhow, another trivia question! When did the New York Yankees started playing baseball? The team actually started in 1901. So people, its 1901! Ok, for those who are wondering why they were called the

 Although they played as the “Baltimore Orioles” in 1901 and 1902 under the management of John McGraw and then later became the “New York Highlanders” from 1903 to 1912. They weren’t officially the “New York Yankees” until 1913.

Oh, and another fact, for those who are wondering why they were called the “Orioles” then, it was because the plans for putting up a New York team was blocked by the National League’s New York Giant who had enough political power before to keep them out. That is why, the  next best thing was to put it up in Baltimore, Maryland.

So add that up to your New York Yankees “need-to-know” trivia’s!

Where did the New York Yankees got their name from?

by admin ~ June 11th, 2009

You could hear the sound of the Yankees song as you sleep. That is what you call the “New York Yankees fever.” I wonder what the titles of the songs they play in the stadium. We will have to find out in the next posts. Meanwhile, the trivial question of the day is “Where did the New York Yankees got their name from”

With so much sports news making headlines, questions like this still matter a little bit, just to know something about Yankees olden times. I am the type of person who just loves history, so probably some of you who read posts are just into what’s happening now, or what’s exciting on the field at present. A million number of people watch the Yankees game every year, but I don’t know if they actually know about this simple trivia.

Their team name was derived from a very simple fact that the tern “Northerners” during the Civil War was nicknamed the “Yankees.”

Also, the media had addressed the team the “Yankees” synonymous to “Americans,” thus the team being an American franchise were then called the New York Yankees in 1913 exclusively.
So whether they were called the Baltimore Orioles in the initial 2 years in the beginning, or the Highlanders, and then finally the New York Yankees in the end, for everybody who dotes over the Yankees, they are simply the “the Yanks,” “the pinstripes,” or the New York Yankees whom fans just seem to love.

How many World Series Champtionships have the Yankees won?

by admin ~ June 10th, 2009

This question is usually the most frequently asked questions by fans that do not keep track of the Yankees record throughout its entire history since it started in 1901. Well, who would? Unless you are really a history buff.  It is indeed stressful to memorize all the numbers in details; because as soon as you talk about baseball and its history, or sports in general for that matter, it usually means “numbers.”

Nonetheless, we are not talking about millions or gazillions of numbers. We are only talking about a two-digit figure.

Anyway, how many World Series Championships have they won? The Yankees won 26 World Series.

Going back to basics (you may call it Lesson 101), the New York Yankees is a professional baseball team which is based in Bronx, New York and is a member of the AL East of MLB. It is owned by the business tycoon, George Steinbrenner, who purchased it in the 70’s. Just in case, there’s still a novice out there who is wanting to be a Yankee fan who is not from New York! I know, it sounds stupid, but hey! You never know.

I see questions on the net that may seem unimportant to some personalities, but actually abit significant to others. So let us talk a little trivia about the New York Yankees.  

How are they referred to by fans when they talk about the team? The Yankees are directly associated with the common name “the Yanks,”  “The Bronx Bombers,” or simply “the bombers,” and the less used nickname which is  “pinstripes” in reference to the Yankees home uniform.

They are indeed a marvel to everyone because of their Grande performances since they started playing baseball. There may be slow seasons, but the Yankees have an all-time season winning percentage of .567, the best statistics attained in any baseball team.


Who’s the New York Yankees Mascot?

by stephanie ~ June 6th, 2009

So why does a sports team need a mascot? Mascots are believed to bring good luck, so most sports team have them. As you can see, they can either be a person, an animal or a thing that would represent the team and give them luck.

But, why does New York Yankees do not have a mascot? My question exactly. I’m sure there’s a lot of wondering why that’s the case.

Actually, they do have one long time ago. This was between 1980 and 1985. Yankees mascot was a bird called “Dandy” who sported a Yankees hat. He also bore a mustache that resembles Yankee pitcher Sparky Lyle. And his name was taken from that American folk song “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Mmm, sounds familiar? There’s a cartoon character whose name is Yankee Doodle Doo or something.

Anyway, a really unfortunate incident put cutie little Dandy out of work. He was beaten up by upset fans during of their games. Although, the owner, George Steinbrenner, when asked about Dandy as the mascot, he said that he never remembered him being one. Ouch!

The New York Yankees did have some experiments, during mid 1990’s, the team had a mascot resembling a ball-park food with a Yankee hat on top. They also had for some instance a squirrel mascot who was called by Terry Kidder of New York Times “Right Field Ratatos, “ but was called Scooter by fans.

Other than this situations, the Yankees never had a mascot or a cheerleading squad prancing around in the ball field.

In recent incidents, there was this poor guy Freddy “Sez” Schuman. He is a crazy New York Yankees super fan who cannot stop himself (even if it puts him in trouble) from wanting to become a mascot for the team. He was the unofficial mascot for 22 seasons. However, forced to beg for tickets the past weekend. Poor old guy, he is actually 84. Oh goodness! Give him a break guys! The fans actually did, they offered him a $40 and a $100 ticket because he was not allowed to get in.

Yankee officials told the press that it was just a miscommunication, and they would love to accommodate the deprived fan.

Who’s the next New York Yankees Manager?

by stephanie ~ June 6th, 2009

There has been some initial news that the next Yankee manager should be Don Mattingly. Agree or disagree?

Well, if you talk about Don Mattingly’s historical record, he is considered to be the most popular Yankee player comparable to Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra. He has also received the loudest ovations since he got back from the Old-Timers Game.

Although, Mattingly has not won any World Series or appeared in any Fall Classic, he has proved to be very popular.

What about his capability? Do you think he can do even better than Joe Torre? He did finish his carreer with 2, 153 hits, 222 home runs, 1,099 RBI, and 0307 lifetime average. Compared to the iconic baseball players like Derek Jeter who has 2,600 hits. A little far off, I know. Babe Ruth has 2, 873 hits. Ouch!

But hey! I’ve learned from someone that playing and managing are a totally different spectrum. If you play so well, doesn’t mean you’ll manage perfectly too. Don Mattingly, seems to have the perfect set-up to be the next New York Yankee manager because he was a superstar player, he is known to know how to handle his ego as a coach when he worked with Joe Torre. It is also apparent that as a hitting coach, he seems to profess a really really great enthusiasm in teaching the team and invested so much when it comes to working with them.

He is loved by the Yankee fans. Look at his popularity on the field. So why not Mattingly, right? He was the number 23 and I quote the plaque that he received in August 31, 1997, “A humble man of grace and dignity, a captain who led by example, proud of the pinstripe tradition and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, a Yankee forever.”

New York Yankee Managers - Through the Years

by stephanie ~ June 6th, 2009

From 1913 - 2009, the Yankee’s has been in 47 play-off appearances. Past managers who handled the team started with John Mc Graw when they still played as “Baltimore Orioles” in 1901 and 1902.

Clark Griffith directed the Yankee’s from 1903 to 1908, partnered with Kid Elbeld in 1908. During this time, Clark Griffith was termed as the “old Fox.” He was a Major League Baseball pitcher and a team owner. Now, in 1909 and 1910, George Stallings managed the team with Hal Chase in 1910. Around this time, they played as the New York Highlanders. It is very interesting and that Stallings was with the team for only 2 years. He died of a heart disease and when his doctor inquired why he had a bad heart — he answered him in a joking manner that it was “those damn bases on balls.”

Short years for New York Yankee managers were from 1911-1914 because they changed every year from Hal Chase alone in 1911, Harry Wolverton in 1912, Frank Chance in 1913 and partner Roger Pekinpaugh in 1914. Bill Donovan managed the team starting from 1915 to 1917, 3 straight short years and was taken over by Miller Huggins, who was with the team until 1929. He was partnered with Art Fletcher during the last year of his reign. He was nicknamed “Mighty Mite.” He won 6 American League Pennants and 3 World Series Championships. He died of an eye problem at age 50 and was in Baseball Hall of Fame in 1964,

Another manager who guided the New York Yankees for 16 long years, together with Bill Dickey and Jonny Neun in his last year at 1946 was Joe McCarthy, nicknamed “Marse Joe.” Bucky Harris, however, was with the Yankees for only 2 years in 1947 and 1948, followed by Casey Stengel who held the team until 1960.

Best known as the successor of Stengel, Ralph Houk supervised the Yankees from 1961 to 1973. Unlike other managers who were short-lived, he was with the team for 10 years. It was only in the year 1965 that the team was guided by Jonny Keane and then both of them in 1966.

In years that followed, Billy Virdon, Billy Martin, Dick Howser, Bob Lemon, Gene Michael, Clyde King, Yogi Berra, and Lou Piniella, managed the New York Yankees team from 1974 until 1988.

After 1988, Dallas Green, Bucky Dent, Stump Merril, all lead the Yankees. Their term however was very short compared to the other managers who spent as much as 10 years. At least Buck Showalter spent his time managing the team from 1992 to 1995, a little longer than most.

Recently, in the late 90’s, Joe Torre joined the team as the manager from 1996 to 2007. Amazing, as he spent a lot of years with the team.

The New York Yankees is now managed by Joe Girardi since 2008. Fans are definitely expecting more from him to lead them to victory!

New York Yankee owner - George Steinbrenner

by stephanie ~ June 6th, 2009

Curious about the man behind the New York Yankees and responsible for it’s success? I do! It was the first question that entered my mind.

I asked myself this in total awe, “who is this man behind this major league baseball team?” Ok, let me start by telling you guys his real name. It’s George Michael Steinbrenner, born in Ohio State. He was born in July 4, 1930. That makes him, what? 70 something? Wow!

Anyway, who is he and how do people see him when he is on the go? Actually his workers call him “The Boss” because of his trademark of meddling with on-field decisions, as well as firing and hiring people. Not to mention re-hiring. Hey really?! He is the owner for goodness sake!

So now that you at least know a little about the business tycoon, all I can say that a brilliant team always comes with a bright owner.

Looking back at history, I bet Steinbrenner was grinning himself out and said “I’m lucky; I bought this team from CBS in 1973!” Imagine how much money he is getting now. I wouldn’t consider it lucky though. He is no-doubt a very cunning and bright business to get the baseball team venture as successful as it is now.

The New York Yankee’s not only play, make fans happy and shout their hearts out, bu, at the same time; it is a profitable business benefiting a lot of people around it.

Through the purchase of YES cable network, a related business, not just made them a huge success; profits are soaring for sure. They are indeed a model franchise that every MLB team should look at.