Buck Showalter - New York Yankees Manager from 1992-1995

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William Nathaniel “Buck” Showalter was the New York Yankees manager from 1991 to 1995. He was born in DeFuniak Springs, Florida and born on May 23, 1956.

Looking at his career accomplishments, he was drafted by the New York Yankees right after he graduated, right after playing in the minor leagues for 6 seasons. He then became a minor league manager up until 1989.

Buck Showalter was a professional baseball player and then became a manager. Although his playing profession was not that great compared to renowned managers, his track record for win-loss is that of 313-268 with the Yankees.  To no surprise he left the Yankees because of the fallout between the New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. Although he actually led the Yankees to participate in the playoffs for the very first time since their success in 1981, it did not change the fact that he had to leave the team. As a matter of fact, prior to this incident, he was named by the Associated Press as the American League Manager of the year and also became the All-Star Game manager of the year.

If you have read some of the previous articles regarding the successful owner and business tycoon Steinbrenner, he is known to fire his managers. I think for the reason that he is simply a competitive person and has very high expectation of the Yankees, and when he does not see that, what’s the use of keeping an individual whose sole purpose of hiring is to make the best out of the team? His standars are high because he expects the team to win and no matter how the team did during a regular season, but they don’t win the World Series, I’m sure he considers it a loss. Bottom-line is, it’s all about winning and if he finds it impossible, then he goes to the next candidate line.

Buck Showalter became a manager for 3 teams, namely: the New York Yankees, Arizona Diamond Bucks and the Texas Rangers. This is from 1992-2006.

Lately, he returned to ESPN as an analyst.

Now let’s go to a more interesting topic as to why he was nicknamed “Buck.” It is nothing impossibly unique or something grande really. According to interviews, while he was playing in the minor leagues, he tends to hang around “Buck” naked in the locker rooms, thus, the name Buck was born.

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